Yoga Styles for the Elderly

In older age, people must give more time to their health, themselves, their families, recreation and even for more relaxation. During this age bracket, you can also face more susceptible to some ailments which are associated with arthritis, incontinence and high blood pressure issues. It creates the need for elderly people to adopt such measures which can make them more fit and healthy during this period of high care time. Under such conditions, yoga exercises can be adopted effectively depending on your needs and abilities without creating further complications to your health. You will feel your body fitter and your mind working more efficiently with the feeling of relaxation.


Yoga also proves to be very effective in preventing and controlling common health and emotional issues which are associated with old age. Old age people will feel touched with themselves and their body enabling to accept who you are and how you can create positive approach in this period of life.

Most effective yoga styles can be adopted by the elderly including kapalabhati a cleansing technique used for cleansing, easy pose known as Sukhasana, cat pose known as bidalasana, dog pose known as adho mukha shvanasana, double leg raises, half spinal twist most commonly known as ardha matsyendrasana, locust pose known as salabhasana, wind relieving pose known as pavanamuktasana and yoga exercises known as savasana. All these yoga styles and exercises are based on years of research in the field of yoga which can be effectively used to enhance health of the elderly. With the continuous adaptation of yoga exercises and styles, old people can enjoy a healthier and relaxed life.

Fitness is not Just an Exercise, It’s a Lifestyle

What comes to mind when you hear the words “fitness”?  Do you go “Oh no, Why should I do all these exercises”?  Fitness has become a serious business that involves many types of service providers including personal trainers, gym instructors, fitness video producers, and others whether professionals or not. Many people attempt to get fit for a variety of reasons whether to lose weight, to tone the body, or to prepare for special events such as marathons.

Fitness however is not just exercise but a lifestyle observed by countless persons who are motivated, prepared and dedicated to achieve improvements not only in their lives but in the lives of others around them. Fitness is more than just the ability to lift heavy weights at a gym, run for great distances, or does any other physical activity for however long you do it for, fitness is all encompassing. The fact is, fitness is not just physical, and it is also emotional and spiritual.

True practitioners of fitness actually approach this in a holistic manner, combining physical exercise, with healthy eating, mental fortitude, and a positive attitude. Persons who practice fitness as a lifestyle are determined, focused, dedicated and passionate and are prepared to put their all into achieving their vision for self improvement.  The bottom line is that far from being just exercise, fitness is a lifestyle choice for those who have consciously chosen to live every day by a philosophy that also supports healthy eating, mental conditioning, and physical activity.

The Dangers of Rapid Weight Loss

Sudden weight loss is both dangerous and unhealthy, the method involved could have severe side effects which are suppressant to appetite or stimulants and they can have a diverse side effect like:

  • Raises high blood pressure
  • Abdominal pain
  • Constipation
  • Stresses the circulatory system
  • Bloating
  • Leading to death
  • Eating disorder
  • Prohibit some vital nutrients absorption

Prescription weight lose pills are majorly designed for overweight people whose situation pose as a risk factor on their health. The safest and effective way of losing weight is through eating healthier diet and indulging in exercises. The use of pills if properly combined with good food dieting and more exercise can assist you to lose a considerable amount of weight.



Severe slashing of calories not only leads to weight loss but also the precious mass muscles thus poses as a risk to health and instead of cutting the weight, the vice versa happens; people end up gaining more weight. Starving, fasting or maintaining a very low calorie diets don’t cut off your body weight but instead you will struggle to satisfy your hunger, meet nutrients needs and fuel your activities. Remember, when you are reducing weight rapidly, you tend to pack more fat and less muscles, this lowers your metabolic rate of functioning while calorie requirements are high.

A balanced combination of eating less, regular exercise and weight loss pills can tremendously help you lose a notable percentage of weight. However, any of these alone won’t help reduce much weight. Before involving weight lose pills as an option, consult a physician.

Diabetes during Pregnancy

Gestational Diabetes occurs during first pregnancy and usually presents itself in many ways.  Some of the symptoms include:

  • Unnecessary tiredness
  • Excessive urinal frequency and
  • Always feeling thirsty amongst others.

The good thing is that it normally disappears after the birth of the baby and the bad is that, if not controlled early a baby can be born with life threatening defects like jaundice and or low blood sugar.

Gestational Diabetes Prevention is possible if a mother to be takes action early enough in lowering its occurrence.  Since it is normally caused by insulin resistance in the body one can choose to have a few lifestyle changes namely:-

  • Eat a wholesome diet and if possible avoid bad fats at all.
  • Shed all unnecessary weight before pregnancy.
  • Become active – exercise at least 30 minutes every other day.  This will help increase the heart rate.
  • Avoid, and if possible stop smoking and eating of excessive salt, sugars, sugary or alcoholic beverages should also be put on hold until after the baby is born.


Gestational Diabetes Prevention should be the desire of anyone intending to get pregnant whether they have any form of diabetes or not.  Controlling of blood sugar is a must.  Too much sugary foods make one a better candidate for diabetes.  One important factor is that it is important to see doctor for advice regarding diet and any exercises.  Do not at any time go on a diet or excessive exercise without the help of your medical practitioner.


Proper Nutrition to Support Elderly Health

Elderly people are facing greater number of diseases as compared to younger people due to longevity issues much more witnessed in the elderly. According to a recent study, more than 80 percent of old people are faced with one or more severe chronic diseases. These age groups are faced with malnutrition in their diet but the risks of developing secondary malnutrition is even much higher. It is examined that around 85% of old people who live at their own house are affected with one disease. The only possible way to treat them out of these chronic diseases is the enhancement of appropriate nutrition in their daily diet. Nutritional screening and nutritional intervention are also considered as more effective tools selected for elderly patients.



The main objectives of nutritional support for elderly people are reduction in chronic or acute diseases which can happen due to nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional support has different objectives which can vary according to the clinical situation of every elderly. The main objectives of nutritional support are to become the main part of their treatment especially in diabetes mellitus therapy. Use of nutritional diet in the elderly can improve the onset of illness which can even cause cardiac failure in this group of people. It is also another salient feature of nutritional support which can effectively reduce or manage the issues of malnutrition including stroke sequels and controlling their clinical parameters to serum cholesterol and blood pressure values.